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Malta Company Official Registry Forms

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The Maltese Companies Act prescribes that changes to the Malta Partnership and Malta Company should be notified to the Registry of Companies.  To ensure uniformity, notification is effected through bespoke registry forms and the filing thereof is necessary for changes to have effect vis-a-vis third parties.   The Act also prescribes statutory time-frames within which such official filings should be filed with the Maltese Registry of Companies.  As a rule of thumb, most filings must be effected within 14 days of their date of execution, e.g. changes amongst directors or company secretary or in the representation of a company.  However, there are circumstances, where the time-frame for filing is more, such as in the case of allotment of shares, where a 30 day period is set.

Filing the forms after the time frames prescribed by the Companies Act shall not cause their nullity, however, penalties shall accrue on a daily basis.  For this reason, in order to avoid unnecessary delays and penalties, it is commendable, that the company secretary, who is normally entrusted to the filing of these forms, be resident in Malta.

The full list of Malta Company Official Registry Forms may be downloaded here:

  • Form A
    Notification of appointment of or cessation to be a partner
  • Form B
    Notice of dissolution of a partnership
  • Form B1
    Notice of resolution for dissolution and consequential winding up
  • Form B2
    Declaration of solvency
  • Form C
    Notice of appointment of liquidator – Persuant to Section 37 (3) / Section 52
  • Form D
    Notice of extension of the duration of a partnership
  • Form E
    Notice of approval of accounts and scheme of distribution of partnership
  • Form E1
    Notice of completion of winding up of Partnership
  • Form F
    Notice to Registrar to exercise his power to appoint an auditor
  • Form F1
    Notice of the removal of an auditor
  • Form F2
    Notification by partnership/company of the resignation of an auditor
  • Form G
    Notice of declaration of compliance with Section 97 made by a Public Company
  • Form H
    Return of allotments of shares
  • Form I
    Notice that a company has become a Single-Member Company
  • Form I1
    Notice that a company has ceased to be a Single-Member Company
  • Form J
    Declaration of compliance with Section 209 made by the directors of a Public Company
  • Form K
    Notification of changes amongst directors or company secretary or in the representation of a company
  • Form L
    Notice of appointment of liquidator
  • Form L1
    Notice of appointment of liquidator by the Court
  • Form L2
    Notification of bank account by liquidator
  • Form L3
    Notice of resignation of a liquidator
  • Form L4
    Liquidator’s Statement with respect to pending winding up
  • Form M
    Information pursuant to Article 385 (1) by an oversea company establishing a branch or place of business in Malta place of business in Malta place of business in Malta
  • Form P
    Notification by partnership/company to be regulated by Companies Act before end of transitional period
  • Form Q
    Notification of change in registered office of a company
  • Form R
    Notice of accounting reference date
  • Form R1
    Notice of alteration of the accounting reference period
  • Form S
    Declaration of compliance with Article (110(4)) relating to financial assistance given by a private company for the purchase of its own or its parent company’s shares
  • Form T
    Notice of transfer or transmission of shares
  • Form T1
    Notice of redemption of preference shares
  • Form T2
    Notice of pledge of securities
  • Form T3
    Notice of termination of a pledge of securities
  • Form U
    Claim for extension of period allowed for laying accounts by company carrying on business/having interests outside Malta
  • Form U1
    Claim for extension of period allowed for laying accounts by oversea company carrying on business/having interests outside Malta
  • Form V
    Return of alteration in the charter, statues or memorandum and articles of an oversea company
  • Form W
    Return of alteration in directors/secretary of an overseas company/particulars contained in directors and secretary list
  • Form X
    Return of alterations in names or addresses of the individuals authorised to represent an overseas company in Malta
  • Form Y
    Notice of closure of branch or place of business in Malta
  • Form Y1
    Notification of dissolution or winding up of Oversea Company
  • Form Y2
    Notification of appointment of liquidator of Oversea Company
  • Form Y3
    Notification by liquidator of an oversea company concerning the termination of the winding up of the company
  • Form Z
    Annual Return Form

(updated April 2011)

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