Malta is an EU Member State with an Exceptionally Advantageous Tax Regime

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The majority of our clients have been referred to us by members of our professional intermediaries’ international network – accountants, tax consultants, lawyers, consultants, bankers,and stockbrokers.

Typically, Focus Business Services is the provider of the “Malta Element” to international tax structures recommended – set up by international tax planners and advisors, for their clients.

What is Our ‘PA Program’?

Essentially, the PA Program is a form of professional association between Focus Business Services and intermediaries with the main aim of the intermediary referring business to Focus Business Services for the benefit of his clients and his practice, as well as his organisation. Please also read about the Membership Benefits and Associate Profiles.
Levels of Association:

In order to optimise our mutual contribution, add value to our network’s members and to manage their time and ours, and resources effectively, we offer two levels of membership:

Level I (“Passive Associates”) – associates who joined our network, but have not yet referred any business to Focus Business Services. The tax and legal information access provided to these associates will be extensive – including full support to assist in identifying beneficial uses of Malta Companies for specific potential clients, but will not include the entire Focus Business Services Library (Tax & Legal Information Databank and services). Passive Associates will also be part of our mailing list and will be invited to meetings, presentations, seminars or conferences that we will be organising in their country of residence.

Level II (“Active Associates”) – full membership with all program’s benefits & privileges, including those available to Passive Associates. Also, in order to bolster the relationship further – if an initial meeting had not already taken place – our Chairman will personally visit you in your country (offices) during his next business trip, usually within 6 months following the joining date. Thereon, follow – up “one-to one” meetings usually take place annually.

Typically, FBS is the provider of the “Malta Element” to international tax structures recommended – set up by international tax planners and advisors, for their clients.

Our Strategy

In terms of our Professional Intermediaries’ Network, we have a clear and committed strategy of:

  1. “Zero conflict of interest” with members of our Network. Ultimately, we consider clients referred to us by professional intermediaries as their clients and not ours.
  2. Non-Expansion (opening own offices or offering “local services”) in countries where we maintain a network (i.e. countries outside Malta, the UK,  the Seychelles, Greece or Cyprus), again to avoid conflict of interest issues.
  3. Focusing mainly on Malta Tax Services, Malta Company Formation, Malta Remote Gaming, Malta Financial Services and Malta Corporate Administration Services, leaving room for the intermediaries to provide all other advice (services). Essentially, in the usual case, Focus Business Services provide only the “Malta or Malta-Related Element” to your international tax planning clients.
  4. Avoiding the provision of other “peripheral services” such as Asset Management Services, Real Estate, Information Technology, etc., so we can maintain a “sharp focus on our core activities” and avoid conflicts of interest issues.
  5. To maintain a professional attitude, focusing on “flawless execution” of our core services.

Associate Profiles

We operate mainly via a wide network of professional intermediaries internationally:

  • Accountants;
  • Tax consultants;
  • Lawyers;
  • Business or financial consultants;
  • Bankers;
  • Stockbrokers;
  • Investment advisors; and
  • Trust and Fiduciary Companies

Membership Benefits

Benefits of joining our “PA Program”:

  1. Enjoy a “zero conflict of interest” professional association that benefits your clients and your practice to the maximum;
  2. High levels of service for the benefit of your clients (consistently correct, complete, well-presented, timely execution and “client confidentiality” are the cornerstones of our service provision strategy);
  3. Enjoy a competent and dedicated service in all areas of onshore and offshore tax management with the highest level of privacy and confidentiality in relation to your clients’ private and corporate business;
  4. Expand your portfolio of services;
  5. Increase your income and profits (we note that intermediary’s referral commissions’ amount is a significant % of our fees for all our services and for as long as your clients are in our books;
  6. Have the option to invoice your clients directly for our services OR get referral commissions paid from Focus Business Services;
  7. Obtain a competitive edge over your competitors by offering more comprehensive services;
  8. Obtain new high-quality clients (our referrals to you);
  9. Have access to our international network and to a wealth of up-to-date legal and tax information as well as free advice from one of our directors and attendance to specialized tax seminars – conferences.

Membership Application

Our Membership Application Procedure is simple and consists of two steps:

  1. Contact us, disclosing your full contact details and expressing your interest in joining Our Network. Please also provide us with your firm’s brochure; and
  2. We will then contact you in order to guide you through to the completion of our joining and due diligence procedures (quite a simple process).

Please click below to download the Membership Application:
Important Note: to view the latest versions, click on the Refresh button while holding the Ctrl key down.

If you have difficulty in downloading the Application, please contact us. We will send it to you.

Membership Application.pdf


After Joining, you will receive and Official Confirmation Letter of your Status as an Official Focus Business Services Associate (with full details of reference fee arrangements and due diligence arrangements for future assignments).

Contact us, disclosing your full contact details and expressing your interest in joining Our Network. Please also provide us with your firm brochure.

We will be very pleased to welcome you as a member of Our Network.

Wish to become an Intermediary? Simply fill in the contact box below or contact us by email on or by calling at +356 2338 1500

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