Malta is an EU Member State with an Exceptionally Advantageous Tax Regime

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Our Strategy and Client Profiles

Our Strategy and Client Profiles

Focus Business Services is geared on the International Client or Associate seeking consistently high responsiveness and quality of service. Below you can find our strategy and client profiles.

Our Motto

“We perform serious professional work (our services), performed by serious and professional people (our professionals) for serious and professional people (our clients & associates). At the same time, we strive to balance professionalism with the promotion of long-term, friendly and informal relations between us and our clients.”

…and in order to live up to the goal of being very professional and at the same time very friendly and personable, we did not use models for our website – all photos on this site are of our real managers and staff who volunteered for the task!

Our Strategy

Focus On…
Malta Tax
Core Corporate Services
Client Confidentiality
Consistently High Responsiveness & Quality of Service

…To Achieve Our Strategic Goal of
Building and Maintaining a Strong Worldwide Network
Of High-Calibre Associates & Final Clients

This strategy has so far been successful. Over the years we have managed to become widely recognised as a reliable provider of the “Malta Element” to international tax structures recommended – set up by international tax planners and advisors, for their clients.
Focus … on the Professional

In terms of our Professional Intermediaries’ Network, we have a clear and committed strategy of:

  • “Zero conflict of interest” with members of Our Network.  Ultimately, we consider clients referred to us by professional intermediaries as their clients and not ours;
  • Avoiding expansion (opening own offices or offering “local services”) in countries where we maintain a network (i.e. countries outside Malta ), again to avoid conflict of interest issues;
  • Focusing mainly on Malta Tax Services, Malta Company Formation and Malta Corporate Services, leaving room for the intermediaries to provide all other advice (services). Essentially, in the usual case, FBS provide only the “Malta or Malta-related Element” to your international tax planning clients;
  • Avoiding the provision of other “peripheral services” such as Asset Management and other Financial Services, Real Estate, Information Technology, etc., so we can maintain a “sharp focus on our core activities” and avoid conflicts of interest issues;
  • Maintaining a professional attitude, focusing on “flawless execution” of our Core Services.

Client Profiles

Broadly, Our Services are aimed at the following types of clients:

  • International Trading (import, export, commissions receipts) & Marketing and Distribution Companies;
  • Companies effecting Real or Financial Investments Internationally;
  • Holding Companies;
  • Royalty, Patent & trademark companies;
  • Remote Gaming Companies;
  • Fund Managers and Administrators;
  • (Group) Finance Companies;
  • Real Estate Companies, Engineering & Construction Companies;
  • Banks & Insurance Companies;
  • Shipping Companies, Ship Management & Maritime Operations;
  • Internet & E-commerce Companies;
  • Leasing Companies;
  • Printing & Publishing Companies;
  • Headquarter Companies;
  • Administration & Treasury Management Units;
  • Employment Companies & Executive Recruitment Companies;
  • Expatriates working, living or retired overseas;
  • Professional Services Companies;
  • High-Net Worth Individuals;
  • Many other types of clients with an intention to legally mitigate their tax liabilities
    and / or protect their assets.

If you have any further queries regarding our strategy and client profiles or simply want to meet with one of our directors, simply fill in the contact box below or contact us by email on

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    Assikura Building
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    SVR 9017 St.Venera

    T: + (356) 2338 1500
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