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Malta is an EU Member State with
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Malta company formation package: 99 EURO – arrangement of Malta company formation and bank account (via officially licensed local member / partner firms) including VAT and Tax registration. "FBS KOTSOMITIS", operating since 1998, is a well-known and established international professional services network with officially licensed and regulated local member / partner firms. Contact us to start process by sending an email to, by using our contact form or by calling on +356 2338 1500.

Offshore Company Formation

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Offshore Company Formation via Our Network of Companies

With fully fledged offices in Seychelles, Focus Business Services offers investors diverse tax solutions in tax structuring and tax advice by having an offshore alternative to onshore jurisdictions such as Malta and Cyprus. Both Malta and Cyprus are onshore, fully-regulated, EU Member States combining a reputable regulatory regime with a very attractive tax system for Malta registered companies.

However, some investors may find the offshore alternative, as more befitting of their business model.   Focus Business Services does not use agents or intermediaries for company formations in the Seychelles, but home-grown, local professionals who are part of the Focus Business Services Group.  This ensures a swift and reputable delivery at very reasonable fees.


The term “offshore company” is used to refer to companies (resident or otherwise) incorporated in offshore financial centres, typically under a non-resident status. Offshore companies often have the following characteristics:

Taxation – In most offshore jurisdictions, tax authorities will not seek to tax companies which they treat as non-resident.  Consequently, revenue from offshore companies, is usually assured through incorporation and annual fees.

Simplicity and Reporting -  with the exception of licensed businesses, such as credit and/or financial institutions, most offshore jurisdictions subject offhsore companies to lesser reporting requirements than so-called onshore jurisdictions.

Confidentiality and Legal protection - some offshore jurisdictions have more restrictive provisions for allowing courts to pierce the corporate veil and identify the ultimate beneficial owners.  In many cases corporate governance rules  shall require the laws of the jurisdiction where the offshore company is incorporated- rather than where it is used – to apply.

Anonymity - the use of the corporate veil, nominee directors and bearer shares permit the ultimate beneficial owners to carry out transactions in the name of an offshore company, whilst preserving the anonymity of the underlying beneficial owner.

Thin capitalisation – With the exception of licensed entities, most offshore jurisdictions do not apply “thin capitalisation” rules on companies.  Consequently, offshore companies may be formed with a purely nominal equity investment.

Financial assistance – offshore companies are usually not prohibited from providing “financial assistance” for the acquisition of their own shares, thereby facilitating the acquisition of an equity participation.

Offshore companies have the following applications:

  • Consultancy, Professional Services, Agency

Professionals, consultants, entertainers, artists and many self-employed individuals may gain substantial advantages by working as employees or external consultants of offshore companies of which they may be the sole shareholders and, if they want to, the sole directors.

  • Property Owning Companies

Many offshore companies, do not impose inheritance tax, capital gains tax on the transfer of immovable property, making them valid corporate entities for the holding of real estate assets.

  • Investment Companies

Offshore companies may act as dividend feeder companies accumulating returns on investment and then using accumulated funds to re-invest or deposit funds elsewhere. Some offshore jurisdictions impose low withholding taxes or do not impose withholding taxes altogether on funds deposited in local banks, thereby ensuring a greater return on investment.

  • Copyrights, Patents and Trademarks

Offshore companies can purchase or be assigned the right to use copyright, patent or trademark. Royalties can then be accumulated in a low-tax, offshore centre.

  • Privacy and Confidentiality

Many offshore jurisdiction companies are exempt from publishing accounting records, and the name and details of their shareholders.

Contact one of our officers to initiate the incorporation of a Seychelles company and start reaping the full benefits of an offshore jurisdiction. Simply fill in the contact box below or contact us by email on or by calling at +356 2338 1500

We are committed to providing you with a swift solution best suited to your needs.

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