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Malta is an EU Member State with
an Exceptionally Advantageous Tax Regime

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Our Group is the only  firm with full-fledged Offices in several jurisdictions includng Malta, Cyprus, Greece, the UK and the Seychelles. Having real presence in various jurisdiction, with local-grown talent and expertise “on the ground” allows us to advise on tax structures which are best suited to our clients’ needs. This richness of our expertise and know-how translates itself not only into economies of scale and competitive pricing, but more importantly the ability of advising on structures which are best suited for our clients. Unlike other firms, we have no interest in promoting one jurisidiction over the other. On the contrary, our drive is to select “the right tool” and prescribe only solutions or combined solutions which are better suited for clients’ structure. We believe that being restricted to just one choice of jurisdiction is not only short-sighted but may, in some cases be detrimental. We believe that the role of the tax advisor is to aptly combine the strengths of various jurisdictions to ensure their optimum return and minimise tax leakages.

Complementing our offices is a trusted network of professionals and intermediaries, in other jurisdictions such as the British Virgin Islands, the US, Panama, Belgium, Austria, Luxembourg and Switzerland.

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