Company in Malta

Malta is an EU Member State with
an Exceptionally Advantageous Tax Regime

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Malta Company Formation

Malta Company Formation


No Fees for companies transferred from other corporate service providers

Click Here to Email us for a fee quote and/or further information / advice  (or call at +356 22381500)

Annual Service Fees: Flat Annual Fees at most competitive rates - Total price transparency with no hidden fees / charges covering ALL corporate services necessary to comply with applicable rules and legislation.

Click Here to Email us for a fee quote and/or further information / advice  (or call at +356 22381500)

Our annual fees are calculated in a one "fee package" regard being had to the projected volumes and nature of business for each company, and is inclusive of  ALL corporate services necessary to comply with applicable rules and legislation

Please note: Focus Business Services is one of the most reputable and well-established corporate service providers in Malta.  Our mission is to provide an impeccable and seamless services to our ever-increasing local and international client base at reasonable prices

Our business model, coupled with our cutting-edge technological infrastructure allows us to have regularly high volumes of company formations (Focus Business Services is currently one of the top company incorporators in Malta).  We are EU Regulated Practitioners with the capacity of offering all services "in-house", with no subcontracting or intermediary agreements.  Our commitment to offer a "one-stop shop" solution ensures a highly responsive  and uncompromsing professional service at very competitive prices

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Set up a company in Malta with the expertise of a leading international firm providing all corporate services

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Client Testimonials and Bank References for the Focus Business Services Group – Acknowledgment and Testament to the Impeccable Reputation and Consolidated Track Record of our Group

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"Read NOW about the Use of Cyprus and Malta Corporate Structures in International Tax Planning” – Cyprus and Malta Tax Planning Opportunities in powerpoint presentation delivered by our Chairman at one of the Most Prestigious Wealth Management and Tax Congress (“SHOREX “, Switzerland, 2010)

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Malta on the "White List" of the OECD 

Click Here to Download our Chairman's Tax Presentation - "Cyprus Corporate Structures in International Tax Planning" at a Leading  Wealth Management and International Tax Forum

Note: Access our Download Centre for the  Full  and Unabridged text of ALL of Malta's Tax and Companies Laws, Double Tax Treaties and more

Uses of Malta Companies

Malta Companies are highly flexible and tax efficient structures, which make them particularly well-suited for the a wide range of International Activities.

Investors in Maltese companies can take full advantage of a particularly favourable low-tax regime and the comfort of a EU, OECD-white listed jurisdiction.  Although Malta Companies may pursue various activities, they can be broadly divided into two (2) main categories - characterised as follows:

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